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Hypnobirthing can work anywhere!

In 2014 Corinne and Mishi birthed their second baby in the car on the way to hospital! You can read about their first Birth Story here. I taught Hypnobirthing to Corinne my niece and husband

Tanya and James – Sam 2013

Thank you to Sandy for teaching us the Hypnobirthing technique.  During the quick birth of my first son I was extremely thankful to have been given some tools to make the birth a memorable experience.

Natalie and Ron – Ruby 2009 and James 2013

I have given birth to two children with the help of Hypnobirthing. My first labour was long and intense, and for over 24 hours I used only music and the hypnobirthing techniques to manage the

Erin and Paul with Kalden’s Birth Story – 2013

Sandy was just what I needed during the last weeks of my pregnancy, birth and when welcoming our baby boy Kalden into the world. I knew that I wanted to try for a natural birth

Caitlin and Andrew with Zoe’s Birth Story – 2013

After our amazing water Hypnobirth in 2010 with Sandy as our Doula we had no hesitation in having her with us for the birth of our second baby. You can read about our first birth

Jeanne and Stuart with Arya’s Birth Story – 2013

I have been told that induced labours are more painful than natural onset labours. Arya was 15 days overdue. We gave her lots of time to choose her own birthday but her amniotic fluid and