About The Doula Sanctuary

The Doula Sanctuary is a hidden jewel in the quiet streets of Aspendale. Only when you are ready will your soul whisper and call you there. It’s a place to heal and nourish your mind, body and soul. It’s a place to connect with your inner birth wisdom, which enables you to birth in your full conscious power. We do not hold any beliefs in what type of birth a woman has, only that she is educated, confident, supported and feeling in control.

The Doula Sanctuary holds the practice of conscious eating and Veganism. Veganism allows us to reach out and support all mothers. We appreciate you joining us in maintaining the energy by not bringing meat or dairy into the space.

About Michelle

The Doula Sanctuary is founded, created and nurtured by Michelle Petersen. Michelle is a Doula, Wise Hippo Instructor and Intuitive Healer. She enjoys delving into health and well being, and homeschooling 2 out of her 4 children.